Wednesday, December 8, 2010

imikimi frames: best way to get pro finish on iPhone

iPhone 4 HD is the best picture quality I have ever seen on any mobile to this date. Why not have a quality framing app that can frame your pictures in seconds, imikimi app frames will never get old, it has direct Internet access through the app to constantly change the frames and then downloading the ones you like or save them for later editing. imikimi iPhone app is the perfect app to for the task to compose a series of holiday shots to unfold a story.

Seeing four pictures together tell a story compared to seeing one at a time. Imikimi iPhone app uses this technique to amaze people by having a HUGE array of frames and configurations for everyone.

Below is a few screen shots showing how this app works.

You have the preference to connect to facebook and share your masterpiece with friends and family.

The amount of frames you have are endless, you also have a wide selection as you cam see by the categories. Another option
Is to use your search and go right ahead to a frame you know you want, or simply browse around a find what grabs your attention.

Final impressions: iPhone app imikimi is the most amazing framing app I have ever seen. It will really give you a great finish for daily tasks or social networking. Whatever the task may be I'm sure you will find what you need in the app. iPhone 4 HD coupled with imikimi app is very powerful and will leave you happy with every shot you take after framing it and making it yours.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Elevation chart : process your datum data on the iPhone

This iPhone app has been developed for surveyor and architect to builders in this line of profession. Elevation chart is used to calculate the elevation if ground level anywhere in the world using google maps. Yes I know that google earth on the Pc
Has this feature but it's not portable and it doesn't produce a chart of the level between two points giving you a site section.

Using elevation chart iPhone app users will find a faster way to get co-ordinates and ground lines and datums at their finger tips on site. This will help architects and builders to have a better understanding of the ground lines whilst doing a site analysis.

Alternatively you could just use the single pin to pin point one inquired level or datum on site. There are many ways to use the iPhone app elevation chart, above are only examples of how I use this app.

Final impressions : this app is not an alternative to a surveyors Drawing. But it will give you a very accurate reading for an analysis on site meeting ect. I hope to see major improvements in future updates giving users a way to draw up a plan of contours by choosing all corners of the site. This is very possible, watch out land surveyors, iPhone plans to take your job. Steve jobs

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Toon Camera: take cartoonist pictures with iPhone

When I first used this iPhone app Toon Camera I realized it was made with intentions not only for special effects but for artists to use in a way that you wouldn't expect. Toon camera has a live view displaying the image in either black and white sketch, or color cartoon sketch. Both these views have superb quality finish and will be enjoyed by professionals or everyday users. So how do we use this as an artist ? You should take a picture in black and white sketch of the desired subject you would like to render. Doing this is a lazy way but super efficient and can still have the effect on the finished product. You then take your black and white picture and render it in autodesk SketchBook app. Using these two apps will give you the perfect render that looks professional. This app can further be used for the everyday user that would like a picture fully rendered with just a click, this image will look like a cartoon render, hence ToonCamera. The below image shows a color render using ToonCamera for iPhone

The below image shows a black and white render

These settings include adjusting your stroke thickness making it darker or lighter. In both modes using a softer pen will give you a better finish.

Final impressions: iPhone app ToonCamera is not the only camera app that can produce this effect, there are alternatives in the app store but I find this app superior. This app will award you with perfect shots to email to clients, post to facebook and twitter, mms a friend or simply post to you blogs like I have. I rate this app 4/5

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