Monday, February 28, 2011

Brain Reactor: is your brain fast?

Using you brain in a new way is the one thing that keeps humans growing. Without the logic and ability to think broader we would be no better than animal. IPhone app brain reactor is the only happy that truly puts you speed to test. You thinking speed is a frame rate of your mind. iPhone app brain reactor makes challenge between two people, you and a friend. You then test who is the faster thinker by pressing your button when the right answer appears. However let me rephrase incase you thought I meant the game was about questions and answers, it's about 10% questions and answers the rest are out of the box thinking, reflex test,math sum,shape matching, colour matching and all the other tricks that prove your brain speed. Whilst you may feel this is an easy game or boring, I would think again....after all we only review the best apps in freeiphonehub.

iPhone app brain reactor is being reviewed because it's my best app this week. It's had my girlfriend try to prove to me that she can think faster all week, leaving us laughing at eachother Everytime. Any app that leaves a long lasting impression is a good app, an app that makes a party laugh is a superb app.

The user interface of iPhone app brain reactor is simple. The screen is divided into two and has two buttons, these are the reactor buttons. When you think the answer is right you press your button, try press it before your opponent or you will loose the chance due to your slow brain speed. However the up side is that your opponent will often think they right and they actually wrong causing them to -1 point gaining you a space closer to being winner. Everytime someone gets it wring the laughs start.

Final Impressions: the fun think about brain reactor is that it doesn't get boring because there's always someone new to test it on. The laughs and thrills make me want to kick my iPhone against the wall, when this game traps
You and you loose don't get angry coz it's a very witty app leaving the expected family will love this app it will always be an I've breaker at any party and will always comfort your boring moments. I would advise you to download this app then let us know what you think....


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Stumbleupon iPhone app

By now you have heard that stumble upon has silently taken over twitter in the amount of users by more than you think. This has lead the developers to develop an iPhone app, having a positive effect in the amount of users increasing. This smart move was thought out well. Website owners and bloggers will benefit in a huge way from this app, as it brings in huge traffic daily for their sites. The iPhone app stumbleupon does not differ from the Pc version to much, it has similar options but does miss a few of them. However your free iPhone app stumbleupon is the best social network app currently. Features include,browse flicker ,news ,YouTube and photos. Along with all your favorites that you had saved on your desktop/Pc version of stumbleupon. Above all the major button on the top is of-course the stumble button. Using this button will stumble through webpages you like based on you favorites and what you like. In a sense this is a better way to browse the Internet, at times I use stumbleupon more than google , this will increase as more users follow this welcoming trend.

Other features of stumbleupon is your standard social networking sharing capabilities like twitter and facebook ect. What I like is that you can see other peoples page views and then comment on them and leave a review so others know what you think. The main feature is that you press the green thumps up or red thumps down if you don't like the site. This votes the page for other users and shows what's more relevant based on our searches.

So what's the mask behind stumbleupon and why was this network developed? Stumbleupon is a mere blog directory that other people and bloggers can submit the webpage or blog then like it and review it. Other people will also like it and review it making a ripple effect of traffic coming from everywhere. No need to be at the top of google when you could at the top of stumbleupon directory daily. Besides generating traffic for bloggers stumbleupon is based on a way to share sites and search them, I see a search engine that's highly refined coming from stumbleupon in a few tears time. It's a new age search engine that's more powerful than google because it's rated by humans and
Not by some SEO that google bots crawl then rate. I feel stumbleupon gives me richer feedback that's more relevant.

Final impressions: iPhone app stumbleupon is a must have app, if you don't have it then you are missing out on huge opportunity of finding a new way to search the web. The userinterface is amazing and works fast due to perfect coding. It's very user-friendly and kicks googles butt.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Folder icons: name iPhone folders with an icon

FolderIcons lets you include an icon in your SpringBoard folder names. Make locating your favorite applications easier by using quickly identifiable icons within the folder names.Folder icons is a new app I have spotted in the app store. Nowdays with over 300 000 apps available in the app store it's very hard to find apps you want. Besides finding this app in the app store consider finding this app on you iPhone amongst 430 apps. I know this sounds ridiculous, but many people have that many apps. Keeping in mind thAt finding apps on your iPhone is getting harder iPhone app foldericon was launched to better suit the iPhone iOS 4 as it has folder integration making the icons smaller to view in a folder this makes it harder to find certain apps. iPhone app foldericons makes this task a pleasure by adding support to add icons to each folder name. This will help you spot the folder you looking for as all the folders look the same you need icons that stands out.

iPhone app folder icons uses small icons that can be copied and Placed in the folder name. There are MANY icons available and using them will make navigation your springboard a breeze.

I've showed you some screen shots of my folder icons. They really work well with I icons. The size is not over sized nor is it to small. There are so many icons to choose from I doubt people even use half of the available ones.

Final Impressions: I think apple over looked the folder integration in iOS 4. They didn't think about how these folders would look amongst many others. Well it turns out thAt all folders look similar and we need iPhone app folder icons to help us. Along with all these new iOS 4 features I'm wondering if many people are still persistent about jailbreaKing for winterboard. I cannot Crit this app in any way as there is no other app like it. It's a must have for any iOS 4 user.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Measure Map iphone app: land surveyors job done on iphone

Recently iphone has just launched a new application that will make land surveyors worry about loosing their jobs, with high end technology available on google maps, iphone app Measure Map took total advantage of this opportunity and has integrated this technology in their app.

So why will land surveyors need to worry? This app has every bit of information needed besides contours to map out a site plan. Measure Map iphone app uses google maps to give you the perimeter and calculate area of a site based on where you add points on the map, thus giving you at hand information for site meetings.
This will benefit architects, surveyors, contractors and any other job needed for calculating land area, making our life so much easier and more efficient.
I currently have this iphone app Measure Map on my iphone, developed by Victor Alonso and it really works great, the user interface is very user friendly, its programmed really well has no lag in terms of speed. Its very simple to use, just drop a pin on the corners of your site, and as you drawing each pin you will see a perimeter from pin to pin indicated in green. You can then complete the polygon to view the area of the site indicated in blue. Further more you can export this site with points ,areas and perimeters then email them to people and clients working on this project, or you could send it back to the office while you attend your next meeting. Currently you may export in google earth(KML) ,CSV and measure map format. The google map KML format is the most universal format to export and email to everyone. However im sure many of us could send it off to other iphone owners that use the same map. Other features include you being able to save the file and email it later or just save it to view at a later stage. You may also increase or decrease the size of the cross hair marker to suit your needs, additionally Victor Alonso designed iphone app Measure Map to have all the basic features of google maps, like altitude above sea level and search bars or a current location feature. All these tools will assist you on your day to day basis whether it be in the office or on site meetings, this app Measure Map is there to assist you.

Final Impressions: iphone app Measure Map is currently my most used and Favourite app during office hours. Infact my whole office is now using this app, as it helps architects more than ever before, you can use this app for small sites or large sites, either way i find it VERY accurate, infact i had a test done, i took a land surveyed drawing SG diagram, got the over all area then used iphone app Measure Map to compare. You guessed right, this app was exactly on target, all the boundary points were matching the surveyed drawing, and so was the area calculation. Once i saw this result i was sold,i used this app everyday since. The price is worth it and sells at $1,99 you wont regret buying this app. However if you need to try the first release on your iphone or ipod to see if you like it you may download it below, if you like it then i advise you buy it and support the developer so he keeps developing this app for future needs. In the future i hope to see the integration of contours so we can start designing our architecture as soon as we map out our SG diagram. Either than that feature missing this app is floorless. Leave us feedback if you need help or simply leave a comment to tell us how usefull you find this app. Download it from itunes HERE.

Download the crack version here below if you would like to try it before purchase.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Dragon dictation iphone app: voice recognition to text app

This most time consuming thing in the blogging world is typing a blog out, some individuals may be fast other are slow. Blogging is for everyone, taking this into account for this was the developer’s first thoughts when developing dragon dictation. Dragon dictation app is the most advanced voice to text iphone app I have ever used, not only am I south African, but I am also not the best typist out there nor the fastest, this is what e\lead me to this blog, dragon dictation is an app I have been looking for since I started blogging. Making my life easier this app simply just waits for my voice and it will start typing. I’m south African yet this iphone app works fantastic with my accent and voice, most other iphone dictation speech to text apps don’t work for me due to my accent, so I didn’t think this one would work either until I tested it. Infact I’m blogging from this app as I “talk.”

Using this iphone app has endless possibilities, you can send emails, facebook messages, text messages, blog, or anything else that you can insert text in this app can be used. So many functions make you think it might be hard to use. This app is the most user friendly app I have used to date, there is only two options, dictate then press done and it will type out what you just spoke. Then you can share this with many options like social networking integrations or simply just copy and paste where needed. This app does one thing and one thing only, speech recognition, dictation to text or speech to text whatever you may call it. The user interface has no bug that I can notice so it works superb.

Final Impressions: dragon dictation iphone app is worth every penny if you type a lot, as this will save you so much time of your day, you can use this whilst driving, without breaking any laws, so I see it as a safe app. Safety and timesaving is the two most important things in many people’s life’s, this is why I see that this app appeals to everyone. The only problem I can notice is that when you dictate, you have to talk like a robot, so it can hear the end of every word, however I feel this could change with your voice, as I’m South African. Future updates can only get better, I’m looking forward to this app, and I think it’s the best app for dictation in the app store, it works with everyone of my friends and family. Let’s see what future updates hold for this app. It’s going to be hard to compete with.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Contact Us

FreeiphoneHub support team is here to help you with your iphone,ipad or ipod queries. There is nothing that our technicians dont know, so feel free to ask.

Developers,bloggers, advertisers are welcome to contact us for reviewing apps or advertsing, we do full reviews and reports on apps then ask our readers to download them then try them, leaving reviews about your app making a long lasting impressions,pushing your iphone app to the new and noteworthy in the app store.

Iphone app iPoo, use your mobile on the toilet.....or should you?

Recently following my previous post HERE you would read why NOT to get iphone app iPoo, rated by doctors as an app not to get. Knowingly my readers would be curious i was asked to do a review on this app, i must say it wasn’t the best review ever but none the less lets get to know whats this app about. For anyone that didn’t follow my post, news has been mentioned by doctors not to use this app. Read why above!!!
Iphone app iPoo uses internet to stream like a chat room and see what everyone thinks about each others poo, you can view global stats about everyone that poos, you may also view on a map all the people that have ipoo near you or around the world. There’s a virtual store with all the poos you made with drawings and other poos that you commented on, this virtual stall is made to look like you in a cubical toilet looking at the door, and as usual there’s writing on the back of the door.

There is an image stream of all the attached drawings that have created while pooing, your able to view who you following and who’s following you, as well as view a leader board with everyone’s “top poo”...

Final Impressions: Never in my life had i thought a developer would develop this app, im pretty sure you never thought it either, this app is genuine in everyway, it will appeal to many and other will think its revolting. The indication of statistics is not true, so i feel theres not enough truth in statistics, and in general i think its a twitter for people on the toilet with an option to attach a drawing. I don’t see much of a future for this app, i will tell you why, read HERE what doctors have to say about ipoo.


Monday, February 14, 2011

WHY not to use your mobile on the toilet!!..........

This might freak you out alil!!! As we know that many people are users of mobiles, but mobiles that are cordless means that you can use it anywhere......EVEN ON YOUR TOLILET..
Recently I was browsing iphone apps and came across iPoo, iPoo is an iphone app that lets you post your poo comments, attach drawings and chat to other users on ipoo, there is a poo stream showing off what everyone is thinking about whilst on the toilet.....this feature allows ipoo to give you a total estimate of how many people are using the toilet at once, letting you know how many Kgs are gone to waste. So this sounds disgusting to me.....but many people love this app....I’m here to say don’t love this app, I’m here to tell you why!!!
Our brains work on your thoughts, they drive your body. Your cerebrum is the part of your brain that is controlling this, this part controls the way you eat, talk and walk without much thought. Your cerebellum is what controls your balance what does iphone app ipoo have to do with all this? Well if you are using ipoo then it’s very important you listen closely.... your brain is something that is trained, over time when things become normal then you don’t have o think about doing something, it’s called nature, we can learn something so well that it takes less thought to do it...
If you are going to use the toilet do you think about using the toilet or does it happen naturally? You guessed it, after time this is nature to you. However after using ipoo for a long time, you will find that because your brain is so focused on chatting and drawing images of poo that your brain tends to forget that you on the toilet, making it harder for you to use the toilet and eventually you will be finding it so hard to use the toilet you won’t be using ipoo anymore, Doctors warn people not to use ipoo on their toilets, as this will cause malfunction on your brain tricking it into not using the toilet..... Follow this blog to find out about iPod and what the app does that’s so disgusting!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

DashCam iPhone gps and video log for directions.

Whilst a call explaining how to get to a place to an unfamiliar person worked in 2001 that
Year has passed and new means of directional bearing self aided has been Implemented by our developers. Gps has come in and has become a norm for many mobiles leaving gps devices a white elephant mainly sold to deep sea fisherman. DashCam is yet another iPhone app that exploits the capabilities
Of iPhone hardware. This iPhone app can record a video of you driving/walking/hiking ect and whist doing so this app can record your gps location log with direction and speed ect. All in ONE window. This app is more than directions, it's almost a virtual reality description of how to get to a point X.

Using this kind of iPhone app like Dash cam that records your gps location log in real time showing your movements makes the directions so easy to follow that I can see why the developers decided to integrate Social networking sharing capabilities. This makes it easy to share with family over YouTube or facebook, it's user-interface is simple, record and upload or save, you can also email this clip with the window of all gps and video shown in one.

Who would be using this app? Well if you have a website that promotes a company/product and would like to show people how to get to you on the web by embedding your YouTube video. You could simply just upload this video to facebook to show family where you went on the map. It's a superb function to have for many uses, depending on what you do or how creative you are, iPhone app DashCam could change the way you give directions to people as streaming of videos are becoming a norm, you will find that more people would prefer a gps application such as Dash Cam for iPhone.


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Valentines CARDS for facebook FREE customize your lovers card....

These days way of sending letters has changed, the way you call people have changed, you now send emails instead of letters and you now see each other on 3g cam or webcam instead of just calling each other, today is valentine’s day why should we send cards? Instead why not make our own cards? Better yet why don’t we make our own cards on iphone? Well iphone app Build-a-card reinvents the way lovers exchange cards, iphone can now make your very own customized valentines card which can be printer, send by email, mms or simply share it on social network sites like twitter and facebook....Does this take the fun out of traditional cards? Well I’m here to say I DONT THINK SO, and my reasons are try this app and you will see why....iphone app build-a-card is capable of now using your own pictures that are special to you and your lover to use to make a card, using a nice holiday picture of the perfect memory is a great way express your valentine, this way of sending a card with your picture on it shows your valentine you remember every memory......why would a girl want a card with a bear holding a heart on it that has no relevance to her what so ever? I bet you this iphone app build-a-card will make your valentine much happier.....making you that much more extravagant.

The user interface is so simple, choose a card, place a picture you have taken from your camera roll, position it, rotate it, zoom in and out, when you happy with it you can touch it up by adding hearts or flowers ect as a prop and then using your text you may add your own special words. This makes iphone app build-a-card the best way to send cards on valentine’s day, not only could you make a send one before your friend got in his car and bought one from the shop for his girlfriend, but your card would also look way better, eventually your friend will ask if you could make him one as well.....if he has and iphone he will most certainly download it for his valentine..

Final Impressions: iphones are in and blackberry is out, you simply just cant do this on a blackberry with easy like an iphone, touch screens like iphone are the best technology used, build-a-card iphone app gives us a new reason to love our iphones. I think this app is a great idea and will be used by many valentines, although i would like to see future updates have a way to make your own card, mask and erase what you don’t want then overlay the picture you want, so basically you could design your own boarder and card then edit it.....that would make this app a benchmark for future developers, however i see huge potential in this app and am ecstatic to see what lies ahead of future updates.

Happy valentine’s day to all my readers, below is a link to download the app, please feel free to follow our fan page then leave your valentines art on facebook wall posts. Let us see your great arts...


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Barrel:iphone hack to spin springboard icons

One thing that can get boring with an iphone is the way you change its springboard pages by swiping it. one movement fast page swipe is very responsive works perfect but eventually you will be bored of this and would want to change the way your page transition looks. for my personal preference ive been looking for a hack to overcome this and found the iphone app Barrel, this iphone app hack will make your iphone very different to anyone you know, they will always want this effect and ask how did you do it. what even better is that this hack works as great as the standard transistion the way iphone swipes springboard pages. There is 6 options of transitions, you can have the normal with no evffect, cube(inside),cube(outisde) page slide down,page slide up and curl and roll away, this one is my favourite, the picture above shows the effect on my iphone 4. so lets get this crack working.

This app costs about $2,99 in cydia store, however freeiphonehub is all about giving you a free way to customize your iphone. no hidden costs.

However getting this app free is VERY EASY!!
Step 1- if you have not jailbroken your iphone or ipod touch plse follow these steps here.( if you have jailbroken please continue to step 2.)
Step 2- open the cydia app and click on manage.
Step 3-click on sources

Step 4- click edit on the top right-> now click add on the top left
Step 5- insert this URL as a source
Step 6- add source
Step 7- go to search and search barrel, you will see two options, click the option that originates from sinful iphone repo.
Step 8- install and you are done.

This method of finding cydia cracks will work on all iphones and will open you knowledge to more paid cydia apps free, please share these new insights if you find any.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Lets face it, itunes app store has topped 300,000 apps, navigating your way through all these apps have become time consuming for the everyday individual. The reason FreeiPhoneHub was Co-founded in 2009 by Wayne Meyer was to better support your iphone, ipad and ipod needs, also to help you custom pick your apps instead of wasting time on the app store you could simply just log-on to FreeiPhoneHub and view all the best apps, this is our job, finding you the apps thats worthwhile and worth your money you spend. spending a dollar a day on an app can be costly on the average individual, so FreeiPhoneHub will teach you how to jailbreak your idevice so you dont pay for apps you will get them free, and when you actually find an app you like then you can buy it to support the developer. jailbreaking is legal, jailbreaking your idevice will bring you free apps and custom tweaks you cant do without. It is highly advised to test apps free before you purchase them. Enjoy our site and FreeBees, watch the space for freeiphones.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Voice reminder: set your voice as a reminder

Lifes fast these days. Remembering daily tasks can be a handful for the heavy commuter. Thats why iPhone app voice reminder was developed, to assist your daily tasks with more than a reminder. You can Now record your voice and when the reminder alarm sounds you can listen to your reminder instead if reading it. This helps the commuter further by assisting with driving.Driving and texting is illegal in most countries, so that means that reading your reminders while driving is illegal. A heavy traveler needs his reminders at hand. iPhone app voice reminder will assist you in accomplishing your task of "reading" your remind whilst driving.

Navigating the user interface is really simple. The developers have made your life so simple by providing a record button in the app you can record your reminder and set the date and exact time that you want your voice remind to alarm. When it alarms you will get a alarm tone of your choice, slide to open to voice reminder and it starts playing.The two step process might seem like it's longer than it could be, but just think if the app automatically played your voice reminders how much embarrassment it's saved you.

Userinterface also provides ways to delete your voice reminders. Repeat them or mail them to friends, family and associates. Your list of voice reminders can be edited at any time making it a very manageable app.

Final Impressions: iPhone app voice reminders will be valued by many individuals that need a reminder in a new way, your own voice!!! This will help commutes be more efficient and keep the law in hand literally. I would like to see future update have you save your geotag location so you know where the voice reminder was set. I would also like to see the app develop so it has preset voice recordings that you might use often. These voice reminders should be able to sync up with your email email client. I have faith in a bright future full of update for this app. It gets my vote.


blackberry now able to use iphone IOS.....turn your blackberry to iphone

The blackberry storm was caught in the wild running ios 4.1, infact when advertising the blackberry storm they showed that it could run the ios 4.1 ( thats the iphone 4 os). So why would blackberry show that their mobiles can use io4? Let me guess......because its the best operating system yet released. The blackberry storm is capable of this due to a few factors, the ram is sufficient, the memory is sufficient, its equipped with GPS and wifi ect, but there is one factor that the blackberry didn’t think of, and thats that their mobiles are not capable of a capacitive  screen and are not multi touch sensitive. For any blackberry owners reading this, the iphone is capable of multi touch, meaning that it can sense two fingers (touches) at one. Making it an instrument and a real gaming machine. Below is a advert of this blackberry storm acting as an iphone. I must say that was a silly move for blackberry!!!!

so there you have it the worlds two most famous smartphones mating, its like seeing the big five in africa, you only see it once. so drop a comment if you have tried this on your blackberry, or let us know how revolting you think this is as an iphone owner.. registered & protected
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