Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gingerized Rivals GingerBooth : Ginger Haired Friends are Trending

Make Me a Ginger Gingerized! has just been launched in the app store. Since iPhone app 'GingerBooth' launched, this is their first rival. In my opinion, Make Me a Ginger Gingerized! is the better value for the cash. Whatever you are missing in the app GingerBooth, you will find all brushed up in Make Me a Ginger Gingerized!.

Upon testing this app, also featured at , overlapps.com, appshopper.com, thedrum.co.uk, mcbone.blogspot.com. iPhone app the developers over at makemeaginger.com have impressed me by having various wigs to fit your face. You can adjust the wig by scaling it up or down using pinch touch on iPhone. Rotate the wig by using twist feature. iPhone app Make Me a Ginger Gingerized!™ let's you adjust the color intensity of the wig. What's being Gingerized without freckles, Make me Ginger let's you make your friends skin look like a true Ginger. You can adjust the amount of freckles as well as the intensity of the freckles. With this feature packed iPhone app it's quickly become a favorite of mine. Making your friends Ginger has never been so much fun ,as you send Facebook pictures of friends and family the world will laugh out loud at these realistic images.

Final Impressions: This is where you find out why you should buy this app. Why you should buy this app rather than GingerBooth? IPhone app Make me Ginger wins the Gingerized battle hands down. The wigs this app offers are what make it unique and the better competitor. GingerBooth can only make your hair Ginger. Make Me a Ginger Gingerized! has enough wigs to make the subject even more hilarious. The user interface works really well, even simpler than GingerBooth. I say get Make Me a Ginger Gingerized! now FREE! That's right FreeiPhoneHub is giving away 5 promo codes to the first 5 readers that email us(View contact us on the menu bar) images of people they'd like to Gingerize! You will be sent a promotional code which you can redeem in the apple app store. Here is a brief tutorial on how to redeem a promo/gift code in iTuneshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmR74B3EfxY&feature=related

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Color fashion :face paint your friends iPhone app

I have used kid face for iPhone and many other face paint iPhone apps. Recently I had the privilege to test color fashion iPhone app. Currently this is the best face paint iPhone app in the app store. Color fashion for iPhone basically takes an image of a person then you get to select the color paint to apply on the subjects face. This app uses a very similar technique as what you would use in Photoshop multiply feature.

What makes color fashion iPhone app the best face paint app for iPhone is the user interface works with ease, however it's a very smart app. You choose from a combination of color pallets, but what makes color fashion for iPhone the best camera app is that you can adjust the color brightness. Opacity and richness of the colors.

Using the mask feature will choose the area you want to place the color on your color fashion model. Use the erase feature to neaten the masked area. This leaves a perfect neat line. If you don't want neat lines just smooth the eadges.

Final Impressions: color fashion iPhone app is yet another great camera app on my top 10 list. Use color fashion for iphone app to face paint your friends on iPhone then share with friends on Facebook. Trust me they will be impressed. From a critiques point of view I wish color fashion iPhone app had a feature to mask using different brushes to achieve different effects. I have yet to see an app with various brushes for iPhone. Download iPhone app color fashion free from Freeiphonehub. We offer free app IPA download for Color Fashion iPhone app below. If you like this post please follow our Facebook fan page. Share it with friends so everyone can enjoy Freeiphonehub apps. Subscribe to our feeds to get notified as our apps arrive.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: v1.0.0315.1

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Jenga : 3D Jenga on iPhone free app

Jenga is fun for friends to play. The only hassles is that you have to be together to play it. U need a Jenga set Aswel as a nice flat table. iPhone app Jenga takes all the necessity and puts it into the iPhone. The superb gameplay along with great graphics and user controls make this iPhone app Jenga a winner. It's also the best game for 2011 I have played.

The game play is extremely close to virtual reality. Possibility that this is the most virtually realistic iPhone app I have played. You sit around a table with you Jenga blocks stacked up. You can use the gyroscope or touch to toggle view around the Jenga set in a virtual room. Touch the piece you want to remove by sliding it out or nudging it by tapping the piece repeatedly. The piece will automatically float above the
Stack whilst you get ready to place the piece on the stack. Placing the piece on the stack it simple. Touch to select and drag in place.

Final Impressions:iPhone app Jenga is the best family game or travel app I have played in years. It's here to stay on my iPhone top 10 list for a long time. Developers will find it hard competing with such an app as it's a 3d app for iPhone. It's virtual space is not some silly flash game made simple. It's a great 3D experience I suggest you get your hands on. From a critiques point of view I can say nothing bad. I can only praise such a perfect app. It's going to be an app we all have by the end of this year. Download iPhone app Jenga free from Freeiphonehub. We offer jenga free IPA app download below.


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Monday, April 4, 2011

Bungee ball: bungee jump your iPhone ball

Ever bungee jumped? Was it fun? Well you might like this app for it's smart user interface. Bungee ball iPhone app brings a ball with bungee rope swinging around your screen. Not only will this ball disappear off the screen. But you will still have a connection with the ball as it swings from side to side in a virtual space around your iPhone.

Recently when I tested bungee ball iPhone app. I was astound by the user interface and graphics. The ease of use yet simple to hard gameplay made me want to play more. Even though it sounds and looks easy, as the game proceeds so does the difficulty. You have a box that is your control pad. In the box is a round knob that's attached to a ball connected by a bungee cord. As in real life the ball would get more momentum the more you swing it faster. It's outstanding how accurate to reality this game is. Knocking down every ball labeled with a number on it from 1-4 sounds easy until the more difficult stages approach. You will find different random hiccups in the gameplay to make it more exciting.

Final Impressions: bungee ball for iPhone is a great game and one of a kind. Many teens will be swinging their iPhones like bungee balls are real. From a critiques point of view I can see lots if space for improvement. The accelerometer is screaming out for in game use. I'm sure the developers ate aware of this. Download free iPhone app bungee ball IPA free from Freeiphonehub. If you like this game please buy this game oneday to support the developers, this will bring us new updates for better games like these we enjoy.


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Flick Golf: finger golf for iPhone

We all played real golf 2011. Real golf 2011 is impressive however I was disappointed that the developers didn't incorporate the iPhone Accelerometer into gameplay.

Flick golf makes iPhone app real golf look a little old for it's time. Flick golf didn't incorporate the accelerometer into gameplay either but they sure did a superb job of making a easy to play fun loving golf game for iPhone.

The intuitive user interface works by flicking your finger to hit the golf ball as straight and far as possible. Your target is to get the ball onto the green or target area. The closer to the hole the better score you get.

What Made up for the none use accelerometer is the spin on the ball feature. You can swipe your ball in the air to get the spin up. This helps alot in gameplay.

Final Impressions: iPhone app flick golf is the only app golf game I have enjoyed in a long time. Using the app is addictive as you will find physical interaction iPhone app games generally are alot more addictive due to human nature wanting more interactivity. Flick golf iPhone app delivers a full featured app with no cons. The app really works great and never gets boring. From a critiques point if view the only fault I can see is that each tee off should have more mid gameplay so it gives a chance for forgiveness in challenge mode. Get free iPhone app flick golf free at Freeiphonehub download flick golf IPA app free. If you like this post please share it with friends and join our Facebook FanPage for more updates. If you have tested this app leave comments for other readers to know if you agree with me on how awsome this app is


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Monday, March 21, 2011

VideoMail: create videos to email them on the fly.

iPhone app VideoMail is more than a video mail app, it support voice recording and image sharing to email. However the main feature is to send video by email. iPhone app VideoMail can create a view in app then send it or choose an existing video to email whilst abroad. Use iphone app VideoMail to send voice recodring and images from your iphone to email. Social incorporation of twitter and facebook are all available when using VideoMail for iphone.

Final Impression: free iPhone app
VideoMail IPA download link is below. From a critics point of view VideoMail for iPhone creates the fastest way to send a video. What's great is you can compress the size of the video but you loose quality. Most bloggers and webmasters, media gurus and teens will use VideoMail for iphone to assist with work and play. I find VideoMail for iphone a very usefull app as im a blogger, if you like this app and use it often please support the developer an Buy the app after using it.


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Badoo: social network better than Facebook

Recently you might have watched the movie social network. The idea Facebook
started with is a similar app to Badoo iPhone app. It's like smash up for iPhone just now with social network integrated, you see pics of girls or guys an vote if you like them by taping "yes, no and maybe". You can see who visits your profile on Badoo. See eachothers pictures. Filter by what kind of match you want and what you looking for. As you guessed you will be able to message anyone on Badoo. You also may activate push notification on Badoo iPhone app so you never miss a moment of socializing.

Final impressions: after testing this app and browsing around I found that Badoo is more popular amongst the adults here in south africa that is. I feel the teens will catch onto this app soon, then it will be the new Facebook. A very clever little app that will make more people interested in it than you think. It might not appeal to you now, but when everyone starts using it then you will follow. Get iPhone app Badoo free IPA download from Freeiphonehub. If you enjoy this app please support the developer and buy the app in the future. In the mean time get it free until you like it. Please leave comments on how you like this app and how it could better suit you.

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