Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flip your text: making a statement by making a change

Flipping your text has been done for a long time now, however this method is highly underrated, why is this underrated? Well simply because not many people use it, this is the very reason i rate it, people are duality freaks, they love to see symmetry and normalities, however if you want to get a persons attention you stick out from the rest and make a statement. Iphone app flip your text does the very same thing, by making your facebook wall post text flipped or your website feed flipped, this app will flip any text and then copy to your clipboard for social pasting or professional use in webpages and feeds to get their users attention. Thats the only point of this app, to grab attention and stand out from the crowd, so i put it the test on my personal facebook status, the response was outstanding, i had everyone asking how i did that, then came the part i was dreading, all my friends asked me to post them something that had a flipped text on the wall post for updating their status. This is proof that this app does work and will work for many years.

This app works simply, all you do is type your text in, and use the button “flip text” and cut or copy and paste to where ever you would like to apply this text. Thats it your done!!!!

Final Impressions: iphone app flip your text is an old method however its never dying, as human pattern language forces us to look at the flipped text, making the achievement you want, so if you need to make an impression simply flip you text!!!!!!


ⓉⒺⓍⓉ ⓅⒾⒸ: use text to write pictures and send them to your friends

........>ーイAn ancient tool used on valentines day, birthdays and Christmas is text pics, from hearts, Christmas trees and animals to food. This type of text is made possible by iphone app TextPic. Using a variety of symbols you can make any picture with a little imagination. However iphone app TextPic makes life simple, you have categories which have pre typed pictures you can use.


You can use these text pics by copying them and pasting them anywhere you would like, or you have an option to send it to facebook and update your status or twitter ect. Your other options include saving a favourite pic or creating your own textpic. You can also view recent TextPics you have used, making it easier to navigate the many textPics in this app.

Final Impressions: iphone app TextPic is very usefull for the social person to stand out from the crowd, making your text more effective in users viewing them. Personally i feel this app can grown as time goes and updates are achieved, this app will not featrure 1st on the top 100 paid apps but it will be an app for everyone that wants to be different on a special day like new years and Christmas.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jigsawed: build puzzles when you bored on the iphone

Building puzzles is an old and well known way of simply wasting a handful of your time when you bored, proving you with a new way of thinking, puzzles help build brain memory making your memory better in the long run and short run. Puzzles are fun but they can only be done once before the puzzle becomes boring, buying new puzzles can be expensive, so what do y;ou do when you low on cash but want something to do. Well iphone has come with the app called jigsawed, this app lets you build your own puzzle and allows you to create your own puzzle to build from photos you have taken youing your iphone 4.

This is not only another reason to buy an iphone!!! Jigsawed iphone app has the best graphics and user controls i have yet seen in a jigsaw puzzle. So what makes an iphone app like jigsawed the only app you should buy in the app store? Well as mentioned above, the user controls are the best, so no way to battle with trying to touch the jigsaw piece into place. Other features like HD support is very scarce in iphone jigsaw apps, the ability to use your own photos to create a puzzle are also not a standard feature of iphone jigsaw apps, making it unique!! There are a number of built-in pictures to use if you don’t wish to build your own photos as puzzles. There is a plugin for Nasa picture of the day, this connects with hubble telescope and uses the picture of the day to create your puzzle, flicker feeds, puzzle warehouse are all plugins that can be used much in the same way as looking on facebook for pictures to make puzzles of. You can further save your favourite puzzl

Once the puzzles loads you can choose to view just edges, making it easier to search for those pieces we always search for first when building a puzzle. You can also change the background colour, or simply take a peak of the picture if you forget where the pieces must go.

Final Impressions: iphone amazes me everyday with a new app that makes a new feature possible, creating an infinity possibility for people. Jigsawed has yet again given me a new reason to love the iphone, it is the best iphone app yet possible and works perfect in terms of coding, no lagging or speed problems, although i ahve not tested this on the iphone 3gs, i have only tested this app on the iphone 4. However i feel i wont have any problem with speed on the iphone 3gs. Future updates will be interesting to see what’s incorporated into this app, i cannot see much room for improvement “at the moment” because this app is almost perfect.


Friday, January 14, 2011

iphone 5 features review: 3D sings the future

Apple insiders have already pulled the plug, iphone 5 was going to be released this year January until verizon pending approval of iphone 5 sales hit the headlines, personally i think apple made a mistake with limiting sales of the iphone to AT&T only, doing so has shown apple the raw side of the deal. Finally apple has come to the party and decided to approve verizon as sales partner in the future. After android googles OS being very closesly matched the sales of iphone are 24% of america and android being 23,5%. Many americans have been driven away from the iphone due to AT&T bad reception and services, making it seem that the iDevice performs poorly, however other continents have no such complaints, like myself in South Africa Ive had not one problem with the death grip or any other rumor associated with the apple iphone.

So the extra time apple have been blessed with whilst awaiting approval for sales to verizon apples are making plans for eye poping news!!!! yes you heard it, the new iphone 5 speculation and apple insider confirmed that there will be 3d capabilities of the iphone 5 ,stereoscopic camera, picture viewer, no glasses needed for 3d viewing. this sings the future in technology, as we watch this year buzz with the word 3d, i will watch the apples and berries tramp all over eachother in this man slaughter.....

here is a list on the new iphone 5 features:
-3d stereoscopic camera
-3d picture viewer
-higher resolution screen
-32GB memory being the smallest and 64GB the largest
-built in GPS
-face recognition security
-4G network support
-extended battery life 7hrs on 4g
-wireless syncing with itunes using cloud
-flash support
-Dual-core processor
-better graphics chipset
-larger screen

The list above is all what the average user can see and use, but for developers the SDK is going to be loads better, 3d graphics will be really great with depth control ect. so whats your wish list? add your wishes as a comment and they might be read by apple soon.

About My Girl: iphone keeps your girls important information you forget

Every time you want to buy your girlfriend something you need to call and ask her sizes or likes....well not anymore as long as you have an iphone. Iphone app My Girl is intended for guys that forget their girls sizes and items that she likes, making information at your fingertips accessible, not only will it help in finding what size shoe, dress or bra your girl is, but it will void you from ruining a surprise you want to give her, i mean come on if you going to phone to ask her a size you might aswel not wrap the present. This is why i love this app, I’m able to surprise my girlfriend every time.

My Girl is broken up into categories:
-foods & drinks
-gift ideas
Under each category you are able to fill in every detail of that category thus making it very easy to shop, simply hand over your iphone to a shop attendant and ask them for the required sizes or whatever you may want. This app is so nifty you are even able to fill in for instance the desired/preferred brand and colour for cosmetics. This app leaves no space for mistakes in getting the right gift!! You are also able top set events for anniversary dates and birthdays if you are that forgetful. Once all the fields are filled in you can look at the quick overview to access the information even faster. What’s nice about this app is its aware that some relationships don’t last forever and you can simply reset your categories for you new girlfriend, however I’m wondering if this reset feature is for the girls that gain weight and pickup weight throughout their year. you are also allow to switch your screen lock on making it harder for anyone to see you private information.

Final Impressions: My Girl iphone app is an app for every guy to keep info they forget on the fly, making your shopping experience more efficient and less trips to the shop returning an item that she isn’t happy with or doesn’t fit. Your girlfriend will love you when you keep getting things right. Future updates will need to add many girls at once so it can accommodate the playa type of guy. Either than that I cannot find any other faults for My Girl app, as it covers everything you would expect from this app.


The chick code: every guy should know

iPhone apps are released everyday, but yet have I seen one like this until today. The chick code is compiled by women and includes everything guys/men should know about women in general and how they think, what their intentions are and how the respond. Basically this app will sum up womanly thoughts on your iPhone and present it to you in a easy way to understand. Any guys know that woman are hard to understand. This app will help you understand them better and thus increasing your chances of brownie points or picking up her lies. The app is very simple , you have a search bar or you can scroll through the topics and read them all ,they all useful to us men. As often as we might know that men and woman are different creatures, the opposite sex has know idea how we differ, this app the chick code will decode what you need to know to understand what and how we differ. It's useless knowing "what" and not "how". This iPhone app the chick code will teach you how.

Final Impressions: The chick code is a clever idea, guys will find this app more and more useful the more they understand how accurate they are. The future updates will keep updating to inform men how to read chick codes of the future, keeping you updated is most Important or you won't know "how" to decode.


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Instant Heart rate iPhone app: measure your heart rate on iPhone 4

We all have played E.T with a flashlight on our fingers, with amazing ability to make your skin translucent we able to see our blood vessels pumping. iPhone 4 coupled with this software uses a similar method using the flash for the camera and the HD camera lens to pickup the rate your blood flows measuring your heart rate in 10seconds. Amazing how accurate this iPhone app is Every time.

Inside app features
-Measure heart rate
- store heart rate
- share heart rate
-heart rate recovery

Share your heart rate with your favorite social networking sites making followers aware of your heart rate if you need be it. Store your heart rate if you need to check your heart rate through out the day.

Besides the above features the app consists of settings to help evaluate you. By giving your age and sex the app Will know what kind of a heart it is reading. Another feature is the history, showing all data saved. You can also get help with the built-in manual showing you how the app works, that's if you really are deprived of logic. And finally we have the heart rate zone. This will explain what bpm heart rate means to your body, if you burning fat, getting warmed up ect.

Final impressions: this unique app in Its own way has made use of what's available to give you the most accurate reading if your heart rate. The methodology of this app seems simple and smart, a perfect combination to get full support and comebacks for future updates. I rate this app a 3/5 as I find it's premature and will get a 5/5 in the near future as the iPhone evolves.


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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

High iPhone app

Using a gps to travel is nice, road gps such ad Garmin and Ndrive , Tom Tom all are road gps but dont offer features some athletes would appreciate.

Sportsman have different needs therefore they need a different app. For instance if you were a cliff hanger monkey you would want an app to evaluate your altitude and gauge your distance no matter where it is, you don't need to be on a road like regular gps to get data about your position. That's what makes high iPhone app unique, what I've really liked about this app Is it's ability to pick gps signal up from anywhere you are, indoor or outdoor, city urban space or rural environments. Other god apps have weak coding for locating decent signal indoors.

So to put this app to the test I decided to take the app Christmas shopping with me and leave it running in the background during my trip shopping recording the data used I could pickup how far I walked, how high my altitude was througout the trip, so changing levels in the shopping mall was pickedup aswel. All the data recorded by iPhone app high was accurate and reliable.

The best part of the app is you can see your recorder tracks highlighted in blue letting you know where you travel. This also works well as a track back feature if you in the bush where there's no roads and you need a way to get back to camp site.

Final impressions: High iPhone app is the best gps track recording app I have come across. Although without such a smart interface like iPhone this app wouldn't be possible, I feel high iPhone app should further exploit the capabilities of iPhone and integrate the compass making a record of the heading position throughout your trip. I believe all these features will be available in future updates and you will have what you need to climb mount everest and back then show the family how you did it..


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