Monday, November 29, 2010

Lens flare: touchup your pics on iPhone

Usually people tend to take a picture with their iPhone and either not edit it further or export to edit in Photoshop. Unaware of iPhones potential users need to look for apps such as Lens Flare iPhone app. This app perform one task only, Place a lens flare where you need it for a desired effect. Here is an example of how I would use lens flare. Below is a pic I edited using lens flare to give the desires "sparkle" to the pic.

Judging the light angles and shadows you should place your lens flare accordingly. Usually lens flare is used on highly glossy finish products like chrome ect. But don't get me wrong you can use it in many ways and be creative. You are provided with many types of lens flares as shown in the picture below.

Using different types of lend flares for different tones and subjects makes this app worth it. Applying these flares are done by touching where you want it then pinching to adjust the size or rotate for Angel flare. Using these techniques in your pictures will help make a professional picture in a short time and makes it easy for anyone to do. No need for photoshop skills to edit pictures.

Final impression: lens flare iPhone app has kept me amazed by the quality lens you can apply to pictures and without pixelating. User friendliness is a major breakthrough, future update will keep you happy with features. What's nice about iPhone apps is you need to integrate like 7 apps to one picture to get a desired effect. At the end of your editing you can have a picture that you would usually do on Photoshop just in shorter time.


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Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Measures : Dimension on your iPhone

Many users like myself find that taking a pen and paper to site is now outdated and is not efficient enough, drawing out a plan and adding dimensions are just to time wasting for the busy individual today. iPhone brings users a new way to dimension your drawing or what ever it may be you need to dimension. Meet every, architects, builders, engineers, mechanics and IT new best friend, My Measures iPhone app will help many professionals in various professions to help their daily task flow more efficiently. Using the iPhone camera you can take a picture of whatever you need to get dimensioned and overlay different colours with arrows and values so instead of drawing it you can see a fully detailed picture. Eliminating the hassle of drawing making the job more efficient and accurate. The pic below shows you how I've used the iPhone app My Measures, the possibilities are endless.

Using the app is very easy, simply take a picture and select draw, this will then ask you to use two finger pinch to extrude a dimension. You will then see magnifying glasses onneach end of the arrow to give you perfect accuracy.

Once you have drawing the dimension line in you can then click on the ? To let you input the value. You can also choose a different colour so it stands out more.

You can also show angular dimensions using this app making it more flexible to for different users.

Final Impression: My Measures iPhone app has made a breakthrough for professions in various industries, this will assist you in a way you never though possible, my site meetings are now half the time I usually take thanx to My Measures iPhone app. The app runs very smoothly and works for everyone even if you can't draw. From a critique point of view I would like to see this app develop alot further in the future as I see huge potential in this app, I would like to see radial dimensions supported for instance. However who could complain with instant dimensioned drawings being emailed to the office from site in under a 1min speed. Certainly not me.


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Friday, November 26, 2010

Colour splash for iPhone

When it comes to editing pics on the iPhone, possibilities are endless. Colour splash brings you another possibility to enhance your iPhone pics. What colour splash does is it takes. The pic you upload to edit and duplicates it then desaturates the top layer pic. Then you mask the images and erase the saturated image in top to see the colour picture behind. Kind of like a Photoshop effect, however this is made easy for the iPhone user. Using this effect you can draw attention to your subject of the pic or use the backdrop composition as the colour and your subject black and white desaturated.

Final impression: Colour splash is the more pioneer app in terms of speed and user-friendliness.
The quality is amazing you won't be disappointed. With the features to upload to facebook and twitter ect this app is powerful and will continue dominating in future updates.
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ZooZcontrol: iPhone joystick

The worst part of playing a Pc game is using the keyboard controls. They configured for typing and not gaming. Making ergonomics hard for gamers. This is when you have your iPhone with ZooZcontrol app. Your iphobe the. Acts as a wireless joystick, but what's even better is that your joystick now has an accelerometer in which you can steer your car with playing NFS or any other car game. Alternatively you can switch off the accelerometer and use touch pad directional analog for steering. Your joystick has buttons that are configurable to your liking, thus maximizing ergonomically pleasing gameplay. All this is possible via wireless networks.

Connect to your wireless network and dual play your mate with his iPhone on split screen. The possibilities are endless with a joystick, be creative and you will love this app.

Final impression: this is a genuine app that's worth the cost. From a critique point of view I think to improve usability, I would like to see adhoc wireless to a Pc supported. This will make life alot easier for users without a router. This app is my fav joystick in the AppStore.


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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winterboard: custom themes for iPhone

The iPhone is really a nice looking phone and aesthetically pleasing retina display. However without being able to customize every icon and and slide bar ect on springboard this phones user interface will eventually get boring. To overcome this we suggest you install winterboard from cydia. This app does support retina display themes and is well worth it, why , because it's free. Winterboard has countless themes you can choose from in cydia and your iPhone will change everyday, More than the seasons.

What's nice is that you are able to apply winterboard themes from your settings icon on springboard. So you don't have to go to the app to change a theme.

Final Impression: winterboard makes your iPhone like no other, making your own kind of icons are possible through SSH. I've seen people make each icon a face of them with different expressions haha. This app can be a little buggy depending on what exe you used to jailbreak. If you have any problems please feel free to email me and I will assist you.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mxtube: store YouTube videos on your iPhone to view later

The most annoying thing is to search for a YouTube video that you saw once and then still download it. Depending on your network speed it might take some time. By the time you have found and downloaded your video your friend has lost intrest and the topic has changed. So avoiding that situation MxTube will come into play. This app is a crack from cydia. MxTube is the best download app for iPhone. You can simply stream in low or high quality. If you wish you can download the video and watch it later. Obviously most of us will choose the download method. You are able to pause a download and resume later when you have time again. U find this really usefull, you will find sometimes in the middle of a download you have to rush off leaving your wireless range and will need to pause the download if you don't want to suffer huge bills abroad. You may also structure the downloads to your liking. Below are images of how this app works, let me know if you agree that MxTube is the best YouTube downloader.

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Tripod for iPhone 4 and blackberry

Just bought this little tripod for my iPhone 4, it's a small little cheap Chinese knock off that works really well, what I did was opened it and then adjusted it to make a quality tripod, the clamp was breakable so I put a new sliding spring that works way better. This is so small it's perfect for travel as I know how many iPhone users use their iPhone for a all in one laptop mobile device for blogging and writing ect. This tripod is very nice for the price. Please ask me for details if you would like one. Alternatively I will be giving one away on free iphobe hub in a few
Weeks. Keep yours eyes wide.
Below are some images of this attractive tripod with adjustable legs.

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DigiDrummer: professional drummer alternative for iPhone 4

When I saw this app I expected the regular drum app that has a picture of a drum set from top view with sounds tagged to the right places where your finger touches the screen coupled with the sounds to give a drum effect, these apps are useless, however DigiDrummer gave me a real feeling if drumming that professionals use around the world.

The above pic shows the layout of the drums, I know it's not the most attractive like the rest in the app store but it's made like this for a good reason, personally I would prefer utility over aesthetics. Your layout gives you all the crashes , snares and kicks, but since you using your fingers you get more space to do a drum roll, yes you heard right , you can drum roll with this amazing app and that's what makes it a better app than the rest, but also it has the vest sound ever when hooked up to an amp and good speaker set. Here's a look at the drum roll options and settings.

Above is the settings menu, you can change the Drum roll pace. Slide your finger along the kick and see your skill like a pro sounding drummer. DigiDrummer has many drum kits so it's not the boring standard drum kit, giving you freedom to make a custom drum kit for your needs makes DigiDrummer amazing. You can change the skin To 3 different types , personally I pike the black as seen in my demo, it's way better for drum rolling. You can also play along with your music by playing your iPod in the background and playing DigiDrummer app, it sound great for practice sessions. Another great utility is that you cam save your recordings and send them to your friend over Bluetooth provided he got the same app.

Final Impression: DigiDrummer by software is made for professionals in the industry, it's my favorite drumming app, and I can't replace it as it stands out from the rest in the app store, from a critiqued point of view this app cannot be faulted. Happy drumming :)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Business card recognition app: world card

Many business men have iPhones for various resons, not because it's the best phone or most expensive but mainly that it serves business men with tools they need, now the app store has just launched another reason for business men to love their iPhones. World card reader takes
The hassle out of storing business cards. You now have a electronic business card book that gets backedup , so there's no reason to worry about losing cards. This app not only saves the business card but it also reads/ recognizes cards and puts them into your phone book, not only does it recognize the name and number for your contact book but also saves the shop or street address for gps navigation and saves email for emailing. Taking about efficiency. That's what the iPhones all about. This not only makes your pocket smaller but it's also a neat way to approach accepting business cards from clients. Tell them you would rather save paper and keep their card, all you need is a pic of it.

The above screen shots show you how the app works, trust me this app recognizes English and most other languages, it reads most text used in business cards, however it won't read the cheap business cards that are not laid out by a printing company format. If it's a ugly cheap card then it won't read it. However I'm sure if you a business man you not going to do business with a wanna be.

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ProHDR app for iPhone: is it better than the built-in iPhone 4 HDR

ProHDR is not an alternative to the built-in iPhone 4 camera HDR, this app is better and I can prove it. If you don't have this app you simply don't have pure HDR. I find that iPhone 4 built-in HDR is just not warm enough, the colours are blown out leaving them white with a haze in the air on overcast days, the ProHDR app delivers rich put HDR pictures that are warm with high contrast. These levels include adjusting contrast and brightness with hue saturation and warmth. These features are what gives you a crisp image. The pics are so good that I don't want to edit then further, I love ProHDR simply for the usability, there are two modes, shoot an automatic shot or manual HDR shot. These modes both need a tripod for best results, however if you don't have a tripod I suggest using automatic mode. So you might ask what's HDR ? High dynamic range meaning the app takes two pics. One with focusing on the light ares of the shot and the other focusing on the dark areas then the app merges these two images giving you a perfect shot with rich colours and high contract and everything in focus. I've tested these two apps and here is my proof:

Test1: iPhone built-in HDR

Test 2: ProHDR app

I made this image a little warm just to show the effects possible. But it's easy to see which app wins.

Final impression: ProHDR app is my favorite camera app on the market and I don't think it will hold out for long, there are many more choices arriving in the near future so stay updated. Let's hope they update soon with better features - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Whatsapp for iPhone 4

It's BBM for the rest of us. Whatsapp is the best IM service for iPhone to blackberry and Symbian S60 devices. This app also supports android as it has a fast growing population amount the mobile community.

Whatsapp developers used the concept of integrating all the features iPhone has to offer , in terms of hardware, and let you communicate to your contacts via all sorts of media, to name a few you can use the gps to send your location to friends and family. Use the camera to send pics or video making the communication audio visual. Or simply just send a regular IM. The app can be used to record voice and send the clip over network. What makes the app unique is that the IM comes through via push notifications leaving a badge on your iPhone screen, pics,recording and video media all gets sent with push. However you have the option to turn off your push notifications via the app or settings.

Ok so the bottom line is that there are many other IM apps in the app store. Why do we choose whatsapp? Firstly the app has best coding making it fast over the network to send your media. Secondly the app is not only iPhone platform based so the other users of different phones like blackberry can communicate aswel. In general whatsapp has the fastest push and IM, my mate and I tested this app against a standard network SMS and whatsapp won the battle hand down.

Final Impressions: whatsapp is the best IM in the app store and will remain for a while. The community using whatsapp is growing larger everyday, I suggest you board the train. You will always feel as if your whatsapp is your primary SMS inbox, you might aswel replace the messages icon with whatsapp.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guitar app: play a real guitar on the iPhone

Since the iPhone multi touch capactive display has the best response, app developers use this to their advantage and make the iPhone a music studio in you pocket. There are many music apps, all we want to know on freeiphonehub is which music apps are the best. I've tested most of then and for a guitarist the guitar app is really a master piece with a real quality sounding guitar if you connect it to sound you have. What kind of guitar you getting is a portable guitar to write AND record your own songs. This feature is now compatible with beatmaker, so you can export you song and put it into a sequence with other instruments. So how does this work?

As with a normal guitar you can strum or pick. So can this app. You can use a 6 or 12 string guitar, the above screen shot shows you how the layout is, I assure you it's perfect for anyone to use. The chords are however preset like the screen shot below, Everytime you want to change a chord then you just press the chord button you have configured. At the bottom of the screen is the song of choice and settings you can access keeping the screen clear for playing guitar.

What I like about guitar app is that is sounds amazing and plays well, but for the advanced guitarist you might want to play the guitar chords instead of pushing buttons for a full chord. This leads me to my next blog. Gyro guitar, this app will serve the guitarist that's advanced and needs to practice his chords and finger work.

When recording your song the guitar app reads where you were strumming and picking, so when you replay your recording you can see the tempo and picking finger work.

Final impression: guitar app is my second best guitar app next to gyro guitar. Its not inferior to gyro guitar. But rather less expressed/expressive, however if you just need to write songs on the move and hear if it all sounds right then guitar app is for you. But if you need to practice chords then I'm afraid you need gyro guitar. But don't get me wrong this app is powerfully and sound best.

heres a video to show you how it works :) let me know if you like it as much as i do.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

iLocalis :find your stolen iPhone app

iLocalis app is for everybody that owns an iPhone. As you know that iPhones are highly targeted phones for sticky fingered people
Due to the price of the item. So what's the best advice I could give you? Install iLocalis from cydia and your iPhone will be protected even if the theif tries to put your phone off.

iLocalis uses the gps on the iPhone to track it's location. This app comes with a dameon crack. If your iPhone is put off during the Robbery it will automatically turn itself on so you can keep tracking the iPhone. Only problem is when you battery is dead that's it you gotta wait for the iPhone to get charged and you can charge again. So you properly thinking how do you track the iPhone? You have to find any kind of Internet connection and go to then insert user name and password. You are now tracking your iPhone. You can see your battery life from the Pc. You will be able to phone your theif from there and offer them a prize for finding your iPhone. You could ping through an SMS saying Please contact me ect. But your best option is to track where this persons house is from your internet connection. Yes this will take time to figure out. But no matter what they do to you app or phone they cannot stop you from tracking them. Unless they format your iPhone instantly. But then you could use other apps to track that process. However this blog post is about iLocalis. You can set how often your iPhone pings through it's location, so the more the ping is set to ping through fast the fart it kills your battery. My best option is to leave it to ping at 15min. Then if I do get my iPhone stolen I will run the panic mode on the internet connection making it ping through faster than any other app out there.

One may ask what else could this app be used for. Well best you use it for you family or kids to keep an eye on them, or use it to show relatives where you have been in realtime sharing your URL feed.

Final impression: iLocalis is a app for everyone that owns an iPhone. It will protect your asset and information on there. You can backup your iPhone from the Pc Internet browser. That's a bonus if you got really important docs saved. However one fault I find is that iLocalis needs an option to allow you to get SMS co-ordinates to another phone that you taking with you to track your robber. Take a weapon aswel just incase you need it. :)

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BlogPress for IPhone. Blog on the move

Last night I downloaded this app from installous. The other app store. I must say this app is very neat. It's compatible with all major blogging sites, making it easy for the nomad to keep his followers updated. Infact Im writing this review from the app to test it. The interface is really easy for beginners to use as well as for advanced users. Let mr define a little more. To send a blog it's as easy as sending an mms text to your blog.

To send an image you can send the camera roll pics or use the album pics. If you really want you can instantly send an pic using the in app camera. Talk about efficiency.

What's nice is that you can use text in many ways. For advanced users you can use HTML coding. And for beginners you just type as usual and set the fonts the way you want with features to change colour and size ect. Hyperlink your text , italic and bold you text and more.

The settings are well thought out.
Giving you more features than other blog apps.

Change your blog signature , photo scale and turn text expanded on. You instantly save your movies to YouTube account
, oh just a reminder. The camera roll means u can add movies and pics. Really usefull to many a bloggers. Add your facebook and twitter accounts to instantly publish to both as a feed. While this helps exposure of your blog and easy for family and friends to follows it's also a very powerful tool for bloggers interested in gaining traffic to their site. As social networks are a great form of getting huge amounts of traffic. The app allows you to add your blog signiture making it yours. Or to add you webpage ect.

You can also add a link to your images making it easy to advertise your images and for adsense or Adbrite accounts.
Align your image and change the text width and height or keep proportioned.

Final impression: BlogPress is an amazing app for bloggers giving them freedom to publish on the go. But this tool is not for just a blogger, webmasters that need to gain mobility abroad will find this app their new best friend. Post comments on this app if you currently running it, and share any hidden features I'm sure there are a couple ;)


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