Monday, March 21, 2011

VideoMail: create videos to email them on the fly.

iPhone app VideoMail is more than a video mail app, it support voice recording and image sharing to email. However the main feature is to send video by email. iPhone app VideoMail can create a view in app then send it or choose an existing video to email whilst abroad. Use iphone app VideoMail to send voice recodring and images from your iphone to email. Social incorporation of twitter and facebook are all available when using VideoMail for iphone.

Final Impression: free iPhone app
VideoMail IPA download link is below. From a critics point of view VideoMail for iPhone creates the fastest way to send a video. What's great is you can compress the size of the video but you loose quality. Most bloggers and webmasters, media gurus and teens will use VideoMail for iphone to assist with work and play. I find VideoMail for iphone a very usefull app as im a blogger, if you like this app and use it often please support the developer an Buy the app after using it.


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Badoo: social network better than Facebook

Recently you might have watched the movie social network. The idea Facebook
started with is a similar app to Badoo iPhone app. It's like smash up for iPhone just now with social network integrated, you see pics of girls or guys an vote if you like them by taping "yes, no and maybe". You can see who visits your profile on Badoo. See eachothers pictures. Filter by what kind of match you want and what you looking for. As you guessed you will be able to message anyone on Badoo. You also may activate push notification on Badoo iPhone app so you never miss a moment of socializing.

Final impressions: after testing this app and browsing around I found that Badoo is more popular amongst the adults here in south africa that is. I feel the teens will catch onto this app soon, then it will be the new Facebook. A very clever little app that will make more people interested in it than you think. It might not appeal to you now, but when everyone starts using it then you will follow. Get iPhone app Badoo free IPA download from Freeiphonehub. If you enjoy this app please support the developer and buy the app in the future. In the mean time get it free until you like it. Please leave comments on how you like this app and how it could better suit you.

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Voice jam: iPhone voice looper

Get your pots and pans out for this app. Use everything around you to make looping music. You can make a full length track with this iPhone looper app voice jam. If you into music production I suggest you test this app, it might make you rethink how you build your chorus.

Using iPhone app voice jam is simple and effective, the sound quality is superb. Use your voice to make funny sounds that get recorded, over lay them with new sounds you can make from banging your school desk to banging pots or pans as high hats drum kit. You will be amazed at the sounds you can create. It's almost as easy as 6min to create a song from sounds , the quality you get will be shocking, this app amazed me when I used it. I see a trend setting in for voice jam iPhone app, alot of teens will be voice jaming everywhere.

Final impressions: get voice jam iPhone app free IPA download from Freeiphonehub. However if you feel you like this app and use it often please support the developers. This app is one of those apps that everyone wants to try, before you know it your iPhone will be lost amongst a crowd of friends. Voice jam will replace Many music tools for just a fraction of the cost. From a critics point of view I would like to see future update use the accelerometer to control flange effects and other effects for your voice and taps.


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Half tone: iPhone comic book camera app

Ever read your favorite comic mags by marvel? Well iPhone just brought out an app that creates a comic book image effect very similar to marvel comic magazines. iPhone app half tone is the best comic book generator iPhone app in it's category. Many apps claim to produce such effects only after your purchase you realize it's not what you expected. However iPhone app half tone delivers what you expect and is well worth the price.

Using the app is simple. Choose an image from your camera roll or shoot a new image. Pick the paper you want, choose a layout you like. Change the font in the caption provided. Half tone iPhone app will do the rest and deliver the perfect half tone image you want.

Final impressions: HalfTone iPhone app does one thing and one thing only, but it sure does a great job of it. You won't be disappointed upon downloading this app, use it for social networking or friends photo album fun. most people will like this app, however its not for everyone. Download HalfTone for iPhone free IPA app from FreeiPhoneHub below. If you like this app and use it often please support the developer and buy this app so we can keep getting quality apps in our app store.


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Minute to win it: Impressive game show

iPhone app minute to win it makes your Average strategy game look like Childs play. Everyone will be an addict for this app, minute to win it brings a virtual game show to your iPhone, it might be the next virtual reality online gambling show. iPhone app MinuteToWinit has a few games within the app to make sure you never get bored. Ten multiplayer games for iphone in 1 app that will make you want more. These virtual reality game show iphone app games are all time based games which make it harder


Games included in iPhone app minute to win it are:

Sticky balls: Roll the balls along a table, keep all 4 balls from falling off the table, keep them in the landing zone at the end of the table. Really hard game.

Going the distance: I Have not played this stage yet, its still locked. i will be adding my review for every stage in the future.

Defy gravity: I Have not played this stage yet, its still locked. i will be adding my review for every stage in the future.

Separation anxiety: Separate m&m's into the corresponding colors. Place the m&m's in cups of the same color when that cup light's up.

Hanky panky: I Have not played this stage yet, its still locked. i will be adding my review for every stage in the future.

Breakfast scramble: I Have not played this stage yet, its still locked. i will be adding my review for every stage in the future.

Egg roll: Use your finger to roll the egg into a landing zone. There are three eggs, don't break them in the rush to get all three in the zone before your times up.

Hangover: Hangover is a balance game, you need to balance the hangers one on top of the other, it's harder than you think. All these hangers will fall if they not balanced right. Use the accelerometer to rotate the virtual space, rotate around the hangers to get the perfect balance.

Ping tac toe: No it's not tic tac toe it's "ping" tac toe. You got to bounce the balls to get them into cups. Get three in a row of the same color and your a winner.

Double trouble: I Have not played this stage yet, its still locked. i will be adding my review for every stage in the future.

Final Impressions: iPhone app MinuteToWinIt is the first virtual space 3d games i have played thats a game show. Win money for games you win, challenge friends head to head or single play, you may also play pass and play for anyone that doesn't have an iphone. I find the time based game play makes the games very exciting, implementing such a Technic is great for keeping the players coming back, making it to easy will get the app deleted. I wish more games had time based stages as you find your heart rate rise when the deadline time gets closer. Download MinuteToWinIt iphone app free IPA from FreeiPhoneHUb. If you find you like this app, please buy the app to support the developer making new and better updates.



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Incredibooth: create retro time lapse images

Incredibooth iPhone app makes the memories of mall booths a trend. Use Incredibooth to capture 4 images one after the other to get a long strip of images showing a time-lapse that's adjustable.

User interface is simple. Aim and shoot Incredibooth will do the rest. iPhone app Incredibooth will save all you memories in a short time lapse making a picture more memorable as it's almost a short video clip just in still images. Incredibooth creates a short story over an even, this is why Freeiphonehub rates Incredibooth so high. Take an Incredibooth picture everytime you out with friends and notice how much more you can remember. iPhone app Incredibooth is one of the best camera apps for iPhone,
As many downloads have made this app a growing trend. Next time you hear someone say Incredibooth you will atleast know what's meant by that.

Final impressions: there is not much to crit about this app, everything works great as advertised, this is not a gimmick. It's the real deal, your friends will love it and so will you, with social networking integrated you can show off your moments or store them online. Download iPhone app Incredibooth IPA free from Freeiphonehub. However if you enjoy the app please support the developers and purchase it so we keep getting great updates.


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Kromath 3: iPhone chroma keyer

iPhone app Kromath 3 has just been released. Making every media video editor every dream possible. If you need to video editing on the iPhone then you need this app, what it does it selects the key Colors in the background of your video in real time, this will erase the background and Leave just the subject of the video showing. You can now choose a background image then record the subject in the virtual world you just created. Much like you would see in movies they use a green screen as a backdrop then key the color green out the video and replace the background with desired effect.

Kromath 3 iPhone app user-interface is simple if you use it right. Make use a well lighted room with a solid color background. Green would work great. However the subject should not wear green clothes or else the keyer will erase the clothes Aswel. Tap the green background and voilĂ . Select a background the record. That's it your done. Simple yet effective iPhone app like Kromath is popular amongst teens for this reason.

Final impressions: iPhone app Kromath is the only app in it's category capable of this. From a critics point if view I hope future updates will include movie stiller and multiple overlay or videos. So you could use another video in the background instead of a image. Download Kromath iPhone app free IPA from Freeiphonehub.

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Icorkboard : new virtual wall

iCorkboard iPhone app is a new app I have tested. It's very simple and effective. After all we find simple apps with best functionality most suited for us right? Well you to will be impressed with a virtual wall on your iPhone to act as a cork board, storing pictures and notes on the fly. Make personal corkboards to email and share with friends. Use iPhone app iCorkboard to memorize work schedules with pictures. It's simply amazing, what's most attractive with this app is the ability to change sizes of all notes and picture effortlessly, making more important notes to stick out. The user-interface is simple, just add pictures from your camera roll, place them in postipn and resize. Add notes to them or separate notes to stick on iCorkboard on the fly.

Final impressions: yet another app to be admired by developers iCorkboard will assist every individual in daily tasks making it a winner app. From a critics point of view it would be nice to see gps integrated so we can see where we saved the note. As when you travel abroad you might want to make a virtual memory wall with locations. Get iCorkboard app free IPA download. Please support the developers if you find this app useful.

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Itracer HD: 3d model and render on iPhone tool

Along waited app for CG 3D artists, finally a release for itracer HD has arrived for iPhone 4. Many 3D artists using an iPhone are familiar with itracer HD however many others need to know how easy it is to you. You might need to know the difference between a section, top ,back,front and side view in order to comprehend this kind of an app. Most architects, builders, 3D artists, engineers and many other professionals will use such and app for iPhone. So how do we use itracer HD.

iPhone app itracer HD is a tool you may model and render any object you can design on. Draw a sphere, box, pyramid from custom shapes. The best part of this app is that you can design mesh objects and revolution and shapes in section. Use extrusions and cones or load a mesh that you designed in 3D studio max, rhino or revit. iPhone app itracer HD uses artificial lighting in 3D space to render on the iPhone, it features omni and spot lights. I must say the render impresses me so much that I had to buy this app. Mental ray or vray seem present in this itracer app. It's outstanding performance makes a great quality render in superb time.

User interface is simple and intuitive. The controls are as follows, move object, edit object or rotate object. Deleting an object is just as easy. Other useful controls are to scale your object down or up and to set your camera view in 3D space. I would suggest using iPhone app for rendering and modeling small projects like a machine part, light post, balustrade ect. It's not capable of modeling a huge project like a factory design ect. Unless it's very simple, not much added detail in your model. Options to import a mesh from 3D max or revit, archicad rhino or other engines, then use the mesh in your model.

Final Impressions: iPhone app itracer HD is the most advanced 3D model application i have seen for iphone, the quality renders will blow you mind, and user interface is fast. There is nothing like this app, so if you looking for 3D CG art on iphone get iTracer HD free app download IPA from FreeiPhoneHub below.
From a critics point of view, there is way to much to impove on as its a very huge program, but my mail concerns and most other artists can vote for this, but we would like mapping feaures for objects, and to design in 3d space. Im pretty sure once the iphone has better hardware they will add all the features we want.


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Reelmoments: iPhone time-lapse app

Video editing Is becoming more popular Thanx to great mobile quality videos. Now integrated with YouTube more teens and adults want to edit on the fly and share with family and friends.iPhone 4 now has HD video recording , making video editing a must have incase that kodak moment arises. Using normal video footage with iphone is impressive, however I find your video edit will get boring with one video type, iPhone app reelmoments comes to iPhone and makes a perfect time-lapse video to add into out edits before we upload to YouTube. Using various video editing tools and apps is what's needed for a quality video edit. Reelmoments iPhone app is one essential that's needed.

For those of you that don't know what time-lapse is, it's a video that has been used much like an old video camera with less frames. It takes pictures and stitches them together like a video. What's nice is that this video is in sequence and Looks like a stop motion edit. You may also leave your iPhone at your window looking outside at your million $ view, set the time interval to 15min and let your iPhone take pictures throughout a whole day and night. This will give you a time-lapse video of day and night, great for video editing to show a transition for time vs morning vs night. You may also use time-lapse as a funny video of your mate saying something with lots of expression. This will give more emphasisOn actions vs body language. All these features are included in iPhone app Reelmoments making it a winner app in its category.

Final impressions: iPhone app Reelmoments has awarded itself with excellence and has show leadership in iPhone app development. This app is one app I couldn't live without. I use Reelmoments iPhone app often for most edits. Leave comments or links to YouTube of your edit using Reelmoments iPhone app. You may download Reelmoments IPA iPhone app free from freeiphonehub. However if you find this app useful please buy the app from the app world to better support your iPhone updates for Reelmoments.


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Monday, March 14, 2011

Vintage Video Maker: retro Video made easy for editing

Along with HD ,blueray,3d and holographic apps for iphone comes a tendency to still long for the classic old vintage style, as old and outdated this kind of video may be, there’s one thing for certain, Vintage video maker for iphone will deliver a retro effect in any video editing timeline. I have used many other vintage video makers however this app is the best I’ve tested. So what would you expect from an app like vintage video maker.

Features include 20’s video, 60’s video, sepia, vintage sepia all available in low quality, high quality and HD.

You may also have different time lapse on these videos with the effects, making the frame rate just as retro. Using the sound of the video is an option however I would recommend using the piano rolls, as they give the video the vintage touch it needs, to qualify for a true vintage effect, you may add your own music by uploading via iTunes. Once your masterpiece is complete you can share it on YouTube, so you have on the fly video editing and sharing all in one go. The app is aimed at the comedy side of shooting. Using this app can be a huge success when used with some great creativity, over use will spoil your edit. Over all this app is the superior app in this sector.

Final Impressions: From a critic’s point of view, I wish it had landscape and a way to ad songs from the ipod library. The video processing is slow, but when u see the quality you will understand and appreciate. As I said it is the more superior iphone vintage camera maker app. live editing would be a great help, as once u choose the setting u have to render to see the effect, as I said the render takes long, so live editing would be greatly appreciated, or maybe a preview of like 5sec to just see the effect. I have included a few videos of my edits with a few effects. Let me know which are your favourites so the developers can better suite your needs. Feel free to download VintageMaker iphone app IPA free from FreeiPhoneHub. If you feel the app is what you would like to keep on your springboard please support the developer and buy the app at some stage. As this well help the developer produce more quality apps like VinatgeMaker free.


Timelines: Make a timesheet and email to your PA

Come on I know we all forget our timesheets then simply lie a little and pretend like we know when we worked and what project we worked on, you will always wait for a Monday to do your timesheets, by then you have forgotten a lot of what you did the prior week due to your exciting weekend you just had, yes that the reality many co-workers will face in many fields. Iphone app TimeLines is the one and only app I recommend for anyone that has a job that needs timesheets done weekly or monthly whatever the case may be TimeLines iphone app will assist with nothing but a touch and email.

Seems I have found an app yet again I use daily, Timelines is so simple to you, its better that writing in your diary, timelines records all the projects you doings coupled with all the amount of time you have been working.

The user interface is what makes iphone app TimeLines a winner, There is a TimeLine vertically on your screen, you just select a project name you working on then drag the bar to the time you started and time you finished, keep doing this all day and before you know it you have a detailed timesheet ready for your PA to assess. Not only do I find that iphone app TimeLines is a time saver but it’s also a diary without writing. You will find yourself double tapping your iphone timesheet during the day to create a timesheet, as you get new project you just add them to the app and you continue using TimeLines. There is not much to using the app is for everyone. Emailing feature makes the app effortless, no need for syncing. It’s really the app most people need.

Final Impressions:From a critic’s point of view I wish TimeLines had alarms and preset schedules to form a calendar and timesheet in one. Either than that this app is perfect without glitches. Get TimeLines free IPA download app from FreeiPhoneHub. If you find using this app a daily necessity please support the developer so he can keep updating this app for us.


Fc fantastic contraptions 2

Ever had an idea to build a contraption? Well iPhone app fantastic contraptions is the best iPhone app in building contraptions that move. Not only can you build contraptions but you have to solve the puzzle whilst doing so. You may think this is for kids, but once you start playing it harder levels will confuse any rocket scientist. iPhone app fc fantastic contraptions 2 is the only app I have played like it, there is simply no other. The user interface is not as easy as you think, many options to make many contraptions with motion.

The point of the game is to make a contraption that can pick up, push or carry a square into a victory zone. Building the contraption is easy. But building a contraption to complete this task will have you pondering for hours. The app is aimed at kids and adults, however graphics make the app seem youthful. Don't be fooled by the app icon, fantastic contraptions 2 for iPhone is an app you might want to keep.

Final Impressions: iPhone app Fc2 fantastic contraptions is the number one app I've chosen for implementing user controls, the touch screen has Been exploited by this app. Get free fantastic contraptions fc2 for iPhone free at freeiphonehub. We offer all the latest iPhone app free with reviews.


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Photopocket iPhone app: store, edit and protect your images

Every photo album iPhone app I have tried always promises alot but never delivers. FreeiPhoneHub sources the best applications and iPhone app photopocket delivers what's expected.

iPhone app photopocket is an app that every iPhone iPod or iPad user should have if they take many pictures. Shooting then transferring images from camera roll to you Pc, then making making a folder and Transferring back into iTunes then to you iPhone is a past method. New apps like photopocket brings us all the features we wanted with iPhone camera and photos app.

The features include
password protection for accessing the photopocket app, creating folders for an organized album,
FTP and web upload and viewing online images
Slideshows within a folder
Import images from camera roll
Take pictures within the app. In app camera.
Edit images with photopocket
HD support

One you have uploaded you images you are presented with a nice looking album very neatly organized. iPhone apps like photopocket are abundant in the app store. However I feel that photonicket delivers in performance. User interface and overall aesthetics. When I say performance this app runs as smooth as the original photo app. There is no lag in the script what so ever. Creating an online album or simply just organizing your images, iPhone app photopocket will assist you and be your photobuddy.

Final Impressions: iPhone app photopocket Is the best photo album app we all need. Creating folders is the only way to go if you have over 3000 images. FreeiPhoneHub offers photopocket free IPA download. However supporting the developer is Advised so he keeps developing such amazing iPhone apps. From a criticsPoint of view I feel social networking is Provided but a greater audience will be appreciative if more networks were included. Bluetooth share connectivity would also improved the app.


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Autostitch iPhone app: create stitch seamless images

iPhone app autostitch is the only app for creating wide angle images on iPhone. Not only does it take wide angel but it can take multiple pictures and stitch them together all on the iPhone. So what's the difference between a panorama and and 360 degree camera. Well simple, there is no other app like autostitch iPhone app. Autostitch for iPhone either takes in app pictures or cane choose images from camera roll. The difference is autostitch does not work in one plane like a panorama or 360degree camera. Autostitch works in all planes to produce a seamless image all on the iPhone. What I mean by autostich for iPhone works in all planes, using this app will make you understand what stitching together pictures mean. You can take a set of pictures along the horizon from left to right, then return to your first position facing your left side. Now take a set of pictures along to sky. After that you just choose all the images in any order and autostitch iPhone app will automatically produce the images in one images. This is where autostitch betters it's competition. All other panorama camera Apps and 360degree apps all need to be done in one plane from left to right. Autostich can calculate all this by itself.

Not only does this app produce a perfect finished seamless image map. But it also had capability for hd iPhone 4 camera.

Final impressions: iPhone app autostitch is the superior app in the app store. I have used many apps but I find they all have glitches, other iPhone apps leave images that have a ghost of the previous shot, leaving images not so crisp like we expect. However iPhone app autostitch will deliver what's expected everytime. You may crop the image as the edges are not even.
This is a good this as the uneven edges prove it's a perfectly stitched image. I could replace Photoshop with this app.


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Skee-ball : iPhone App

iPhone app Skee-ball is a top selling app in the app store. The developers made iPhone app Skee-ball so similar to real reality, that's what pushed Skee-ball for iPhone to be a top paid app. The user controls are simple, shoot the ball ,tips your iPhone from side to side to control the ball direction. Speed of the ball is very important to get high points.

Graphics and gameplay are the two winning factors for iPhone app Skeeball . Not only will this app bring back childhood memories but it will have you addicted to playing. There is no other app in it's kind. Skeeball for iPhone is a must have for any kids iPhone,iPod or iPad. Developers code Skee-ball app so well that we can't detect any lag during gameplay. iPhone 3 should play the app just as well as iPhone 4.

Final Impressions: Skee-ball for iPhone is an app that will never grow old on your springboard. Future update are limited however, I cannot see much more space for improvement besides new levels and gameplay. From a critics point of view this app is close to perfect. Download free iPhone app Skee-ball IPA from freeiphonehub. We offer all our apps free, please feel free to leave comments on how you rate this app.


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