Monday, March 21, 2011

Badoo: social network better than Facebook

Recently you might have watched the movie social network. The idea Facebook
started with is a similar app to Badoo iPhone app. It's like smash up for iPhone just now with social network integrated, you see pics of girls or guys an vote if you like them by taping "yes, no and maybe". You can see who visits your profile on Badoo. See eachothers pictures. Filter by what kind of match you want and what you looking for. As you guessed you will be able to message anyone on Badoo. You also may activate push notification on Badoo iPhone app so you never miss a moment of socializing.

Final impressions: after testing this app and browsing around I found that Badoo is more popular amongst the adults here in south africa that is. I feel the teens will catch onto this app soon, then it will be the new Facebook. A very clever little app that will make more people interested in it than you think. It might not appeal to you now, but when everyone starts using it then you will follow. Get iPhone app Badoo free IPA download from Freeiphonehub. If you enjoy this app please support the developer and buy the app in the future. In the mean time get it free until you like it. Please leave comments on how you like this app and how it could better suit you.

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