Monday, April 4, 2011

Bungee ball: bungee jump your iPhone ball

Ever bungee jumped? Was it fun? Well you might like this app for it's smart user interface. Bungee ball iPhone app brings a ball with bungee rope swinging around your screen. Not only will this ball disappear off the screen. But you will still have a connection with the ball as it swings from side to side in a virtual space around your iPhone.

Recently when I tested bungee ball iPhone app. I was astound by the user interface and graphics. The ease of use yet simple to hard gameplay made me want to play more. Even though it sounds and looks easy, as the game proceeds so does the difficulty. You have a box that is your control pad. In the box is a round knob that's attached to a ball connected by a bungee cord. As in real life the ball would get more momentum the more you swing it faster. It's outstanding how accurate to reality this game is. Knocking down every ball labeled with a number on it from 1-4 sounds easy until the more difficult stages approach. You will find different random hiccups in the gameplay to make it more exciting.

Final Impressions: bungee ball for iPhone is a great game and one of a kind. Many teens will be swinging their iPhones like bungee balls are real. From a critiques point of view I can see lots if space for improvement. The accelerometer is screaming out for in game use. I'm sure the developers ate aware of this. Download free iPhone app bungee ball IPA free from Freeiphonehub. If you like this game please buy this game oneday to support the developers, this will bring us new updates for better games like these we enjoy.


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he accelerometer is screaming out for in game use. I'm sure the developers ate aware of this.

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