Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jenga : 3D Jenga on iPhone free app

Jenga is fun for friends to play. The only hassles is that you have to be together to play it. U need a Jenga set Aswel as a nice flat table. iPhone app Jenga takes all the necessity and puts it into the iPhone. The superb gameplay along with great graphics and user controls make this iPhone app Jenga a winner. It's also the best game for 2011 I have played.

The game play is extremely close to virtual reality. Possibility that this is the most virtually realistic iPhone app I have played. You sit around a table with you Jenga blocks stacked up. You can use the gyroscope or touch to toggle view around the Jenga set in a virtual room. Touch the piece you want to remove by sliding it out or nudging it by tapping the piece repeatedly. The piece will automatically float above the
Stack whilst you get ready to place the piece on the stack. Placing the piece on the stack it simple. Touch to select and drag in place.

Final Impressions:iPhone app Jenga is the best family game or travel app I have played in years. It's here to stay on my iPhone top 10 list for a long time. Developers will find it hard competing with such an app as it's a 3d app for iPhone. It's virtual space is not some silly flash game made simple. It's a great 3D experience I suggest you get your hands on. From a critiques point of view I can say nothing bad. I can only praise such a perfect app. It's going to be an app we all have by the end of this year. Download iPhone app Jenga free from Freeiphonehub. We offer jenga free IPA app download below.


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This Possibility that this is the most virtually realistic iPhone app I have played.

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