Thursday, November 18, 2010

iCAM Source web camera surveillance over 3G

How to setup iCAM source iphone app: use iCAM source to watch your office or family.

This application that’s in the apple store is a lifesaver if you’re a mom, a manager if you own a company, iCam source has brought you a set of eyes you don’t have, and its mobile . this neat app iCam source uses a webcam connected to a pc to stream over 3g or edge what your webcam can see, the benefits are outstanding, im sure you have your own ideas on how you would use this app, however I use it to watch my office and house gate entrance, so whenever im on holiday I can still see whats going on,. If you have kids you can make sure they get home from skewl at the right time and doing their home work. As I said it’s the eyes you don’t have.

How do we install iCam source on the iphone and how do we configure our pc and router to accept this ping. Follow the steps below to install and configure without any problems, your router configuration is very important and I cannot help anyone with that part unless I get detailed info. However most routers are automatic so don’t worry its worth a try.

Step 1: go to and download the windows exe files

on the right of the website, this will give you the software needed to ping through your iphones signals from 3G. this software also connects the webcam with your iphone app.

Install the program.

Step 2: you will be promted to use a username and password, this should match the iphones username and password you will use in the app iCAm source.

Step 3: go to the apple store and download iCam source.

Step 4:make sure that you are on the same wireless network as the pc you doing the installation on. This is important for initial setup, as it finds your iphone on the same network and automatically links them up.

Step 5: you will be asked to use a username and password, please use the correlating username and password used above in the pc installation.

Step 6:you can now watch your web camera on your iphone over 3G

iCAM Source uses technology that uses motion sensing detection even if your web camera doesn't support motion detection. whats even better is you can set the sensitivity of the motion sensor so if you have a baby in the room and it moves a little you wont have it alarm, this only applies if the motion sensing is not on sensitive, if you happen to want it on sensitive then be prepared to get many alarms for even the curtain moving a little. further more you can have this app push the pics to your email as soon as an alert comes through or you can just checkup when you want to. whats also nice is you can have the pc application record every motion event and view them when you ready and back from holiday or where ever you might have gone. if you really want to be sneaky this app has an option to allow you to listen to the sound from the webcam, so if you need to hear whats going on you may, this acts as the eyes you dont have but also the ears.

final impression: iCam Source is a very easy iphone app to use and configure, no need to understand networking ect to figure this out, and it performs really well. there is not much more i would suggest as it has a name and the function suits its name, it works as advertised. internms of user friendly operation i give this app a 5 star



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